Lost in translation

Monday December 30 2013 ~ Posted in In between ~ by Jakob

This was from a postcard I ones recieved … and I still wonder what is written here … if somebody knows, please let me know …
unknown text

Safe money and travel more. Use free, opensource software

Saturday December 28 2013 ~ Posted in Travel Tech ~ by Jakob

A computer is almost indispensable for traveling nowadays, well, of course it’s depending also on your needs: but lets say at least you probably will have Facebook to show your friends photo’s and stories about your experiences abroad. Yes, for sure, you can save money, don’t bring your laptop, Ipad, tabled or whatever and go to internetcafe’s or ask a travelmate to borrow his/her computer. But to me a laptop is almost as much needed as a passport, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. No, I don’t need the newest I-pad or Imac. A cheap laptop with opensource software is just as good to me.
In fact, I can not even perform all tasks with these newest gadgets which I can do on my cheap laptop (server software such as Apache, MySQL, etc) !!! (more…)

My travel-packing-list, reloaded

Tuesday December 24 2013 ~ Posted in Preparations ~ by Jakob

Here’s my (revised) travel-packing-list and what I’ve learned from experiences is that you don’t need much to go for a long term travel, especially if you’re going to the warm regions. The list is suitable for me, but maybe it will help yours too in preparing your travel. (more…)

In Indonesia


Tuesday December 24 2013 ~ Posted in In between ~ by Jakob

Traveling is awesome, but on the other hand the contrast when you’re at ‘home’ can be quite difficult for me.
In the beginning it’s all oke, but as time passes by and as a result of the so-called economic crises, I’m not capable to make enough earnings as a freelancer or as a employer, I begin to miss travel more and more.
What to do if there is hardly any work to make enough money for a new large travel. (more…)

back on twitter

Sunday December 8 2013 ~ Posted in tweets ~ by Jakob

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